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Face painting has been around as an art form since time immemorial. The art has served various purposes from being a creative pastime to being an essential aspect of theatre, tribal ceremonies, to intimidate during wars etc.

If a tribe or society followed the custom of face painting, then the choice of colours would depend on the available raw materials, in terms of mineral and forest products that would yield the colours and also the occasion. During the early periods, only primary and locally available colours like red, blue, yellow or white would be used. Effect would be added by sprinkling dust or soft bird feathers.

Face painting still retains its popularity in the modern society as well, especially as a hobby as well as for professional face painters who are in great demand in the theatre and party circuits and charity events. Children are fascinated by the transformation that a painted face can bring about and transform them into Cinderella, Spiderman or a Tiger or a Monkey. It is not uncommon to find children and grown-ups alike at various sport meets, with their faces painted in a riot of colours cheering for their teams.

The equipment required to get started is fairly rudimentary and can be obtained quite easily. A set of flat sable hair or ox hair brushes, a medium and a fine round brush. Watercolors are easy and safe to apply and remove as well. A set of 5 watercolors is good enough to start with and you can come up with your own color combinations. Sponges are used to get a good make up base.

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Things like glitter; fake blood, stars, rouge, eyeliner and blusher are good for creating that extra effect.
You don't really need to be an artist to get started and enjoy face painting. You can practice at home or join a school where the basics are taught. A progressive course typically teaches the student familiarity with the tools, the contours of the face, basic animal designs like mouse, butterfly, tiger etc. on the face. The next stage is to learn slightly complicated designs like tribal designs, using accessories like eyeliner, fake blood, scars etc.

Precaution needs to be taken with the kind of paints used as not all skins may respond positively to paints, especially if they are to be applied over extended periods of time. You should apply paint and leave it for an hour or two and proceed only if there is no adverse reaction with the skin. In any case, it is advisable to use a barrier cream. It not only protects the skin from the paint but also facilitates easy removal of the paint.

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